About ALBS

Hi, I am Cheri.

Welcome to my blog/site filled with DIY ideas and stories of my successes and well, not so successful projects.

I always had big plans of traveling when I got to retire.  Well, here I am and traveling is not as attractive of an idea as it once was. I find myself more of a home-body than I had planned in life. 

My husband may say that my taste in art is a bit different--- of course, he says it with a smile. From our yard to every room in our house --- each is unique. I have always enjoyed living "outside the box”.

Honestly, I tossed the box out!

Working with my hands has always given me satisfaction. One of my favourite mediums is wood. The first time I stained a piece of furniture ... I was hooked.

If you want to try your hand at this, read over my TIPS page.

A Little Bit Shady is about giving you ideas of using everyday items with a bit of art added. Creating something that is unusual and unique. Adding a bit of fun in your home. 
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About ALBS

My husband suggested I sell some of my work, after all retirees can always a little more income.  Attempting to keep up with the product stock and having to reproduce the same design over and over began to take its toll on me. I lost all enjoyment and creativity.

Sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee, a can of stain, and a piece of wood now - that is relaxing.   Seeing the design in my head come to life on a piece of wood, I could do that all day!

So I decided to change the whole concept of A Little Bit Shady to fit my style.

If you built your own planter or bench and you want a stain design added to it ... let's talk.  If I can give you pointers on how-to I will. I sometimes take on commission sales.  If you see something you would like on the blog, let me know. If I can reproduce it, I will let you know. 

Occasionally I plan on selling some of the items I design. Sometime I may offer other crafts as well. Without the pressure, I will get the enjoyment back of working with my hands.  Even in the dreaded workshop!!

  • I reserve the right to refuse commission work for any reason.
  • For now, I am only accepting cash on pickup. 
  • No shipping at this time.
  • Sorry, no delivery at this time.

not all art needs a wall   :)