Shady Lane- Cedar Bench

cedar bench

Cedar Bench and Nevermore

On my 40th birthday, I went out and bought this cedar bench. Cost of fortune even back then. It was beautiful!  Happily, I put the bench together and figured this was the best present EVER.  Well, my friend thought he would surprise me while I was at work and STAINED it cedar.  This translates to an ugly orange color.  I sat there stunned that anyone would stain new cedar, much less with a fake cedar color. 

I still loved my bench, I just hated the ugly color but never had the time to remove the stain. Instead a bought a hugh cushion and hid the nighmare.

Years went by and this poor bench ended up being painted white, then black.  It sat outside in Wisconsin and Canadian winters.  It took a lot of abuse.

Two years ago, I began slowly stripping and sanding. And by slowly I mean two years of slat by slat. Of course I kept getting sidetracked and could never seem to finish.

It was hard getting in between the slats and I was afraid to take the piece apart due to it being over 20 years old.

I decided that I could stain those hard to reach spots with dark slate stain.  The color rested between black and dark grey.


Edgar Allen Poe

Poe wrote subject matter that others were afraid to touch. His style of writing demanded the reader enter his world a bit uncomfortable with an open mind. My favorite poem was THE RAVEN. I did a paper on The Raven. Though my teacher was not sure she could agree with my dark take on the poem itself, she felt the work was worth the grade.

So why not combine my love of cedar, my 20-year-old bench, and my favorite poem!

I didn't want to sand or strip this old cedar anymore than was needed. What flaws remained I would live with. Using the same dark outside stain, I added a small raven on each of the slats going along the back.

A larger raven was added on the lower kick board. Once the ravens were dry, I added several coats of Teak oil. I was hoping it's penetrating feature would bring the cedar back to life. The cedar soaked it up.


End results...

My bench was a lot more work than what I had planned on.  The bench ended up retaining its AGED look, which it should.  And as far as this bench being abused again,

"Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore.'"

not all art needs a wall   :)