Shady Lane- Celtic Bench

celtic bench

Have you ever loaded up your arms with packages, get to the door and realize your keys are still in your pocket?  I wanted a bench just for those moments.  I found out it also works out great as a seat for when my husband is cleaning the gutters and I need to pretend I am his 'helper'.


First of all, to be honest, I am not a wood worker.  I drag my feet down to the workroom expecting a disaster.  And 9 out of 10 times, I am redesigning the project.    Case in point, take a look at those legs... the additional block (2x4 piece) attached to the bottom.  You heard the saying 'measure twice, cut once'.  Well I swear I measured at least 3 times BUT the wood must of moved a bit on the chop saw.  Our basement doesn't have a level spot to be found and so I assembled the bench only to find it wobbled.  Not much ( just a touch)  but enough to bother me.

My ever helpful husband suggested leaning the wobbly side against the wall of the house.  ummmm---no!  So I added the 'blocks' to  reinforce the legs and stop the wobble.


The great thing about making things yourself, you decide the size to your preference.


Didn't need to be overly fancy as it just sits in the driveway, so I decided on a 2"x6"x8' deck board for the top.  I picked up a couple 2"x4"s for the legs and a 2"x 2" for added support under the top.  It had to be heavy duty to handle those oversized jugs of water.

I wanted the top a touch longer than normal so I went with 30" long. This way I could cut of each end of the board to straighten it and use up most of the board. I painted the legs and support wood with this small can of LEATHER brown exterior paint and then lightly wiped it with some dark walnut stain to give it that older weathered look.

The legs ended 18" long so with the top added the bench stood 20". The bench needed to be a bit taller than average for my purpose.

Then came the fun part. What to do with this large blank canvas crying out for stain? I use a small home projector when working on oversized projects. One, it saves on printing costs and two, it allows me to see what the design will look like on the wood. These units are pretty cheap if you can find one on sale and are really handy for certain projects.

I ended up taking a common Celtic shield and stretching it in my art program, giving it a modern look. Works for me!

This is going to sit outside in an unprotected location off my driveway so, I decided to top off with 3 coats of Helmsman Urethane. Our winters can really get nasty.

All in all, I am satisfied with the driveway wood bench.

not all art needs a wall   :)