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celtic table


Celtic knot table

I know you are looking at the original condition of the table and are thinking--why did I even buy this? Well, it did fit in my old Saturn which was a bonus. The table is built to be easily packed away and came apart in sections. I found that part unique. And it has a stored leaf which I always prefer having limited space.

Like most older furniture, it has character.  I guess I just wanted to rescue it from the junk yard which I am sure it was headed.  Plus I got it for $35 CAD. Turns out it had serious water damage, was warped, and had that basement smell to it. And so it sat in MY basement.  I had no idea what to do with it. 

This summer I dragged it.  There was little I could do about the warping, but I could live with that.  People tend to toss the real wood out and replace with the "shiny new" fake laminate.  This is something I will never understand.  I prefer the wood even with faults.

The Work Begins

The more I worked with the table, the more I was convinced it was handcrafted.  This piece had been neglected and I was determined to give it a second life. Even after careful sanding, the legs looked rough and water stained.  I ended up painting the legs and base a deep gray chalk paint that I stirred up.  The table top was slightly warped and had deep stains that not even stripping and sanding could remove.  You can see the dark swirls in the photos.  My choices :  a) paint  b) gel solid stain  c) stain and live with the aged wood.  
I decided to live with the flaws. 

Let's Talk.

Got questions on how to put together your table makeover?   Need help adding a design to your project?   If you see something you would like, contact me.   I might be able to create something similar.. 


basement table
finished table
celtic table

Adding a Celtic Touch.

I played around with many different ideas on paper but none seemed to motivate me.   I drew out flowers, birds, and doodles before deciding to go with a derivative of a common Celtic corner and straight thick lines.  It took a bit to make all four corners (each one turned out a bit different in design) to work together and still match up with the line border.  The tricky part was lining up the leaf when extended.

As I mentioned, the table had a built-in leaf that folded inward for storage.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with this piece.  I came across a piece of art by Adoomer that would work perfect for this table.  He based this work (loosely) on the White Tree of  Gondor.  Being huge LOTR fan, that made the tree just perfect for my project.   The design had come together! Seeing as this was for my personal use, the license would work fine for this project.  Adoomer does outstanding Celtic designs. You might want to check out his work. Derivative of Tree of Life by Adoomer (   Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License

I have to admit, this was one of my favourite projects.  Large scale Celtic designs are fun to work with.  Watching this table come back to life was inspiring.

My husband is still nervous about using the table.  Even with several coats of hand rub poly, he still worries about ruining the design.    I am very happy with the end results---  even with all the table defects, it has become one of my favourite pieces.

not all art needs a wall   :)