Shady Lane- Celtic Handrail

celtic handrail

Replacing the handrail.

The original handrail was nothing more than a 2x4 and that is just what is going to replace it. The porch has a rustic basic design to it, and I plan on keeping it rustic but adding A Little Bit Shady touch to it.

Our house is in the older section of our city. According to the city, the house was built in the 1920s. Not old enough to have any historical value, just old enough to need constant repair and updates. Remember the movie "The Money Pit". I used to love it. Now I live it! If something can go bad, it does


My husband was around to lend a hand for this project. We replaced the old 2x4 with a nice cedar 2x4, hoping it would last for a while. There was no way to match the stain on the porch nor did I feel like re-staining the entire porch. I had some dark leftover stain from the planters that I built. It would have to do.

Knotwork Handrail

I love Celtic knotwork. It has nothing to do with being Irish. I did my family tree and yes, we do have an Irish bloodline to us, but water it down through the years and it is hardly worth counting. There is just something about knotwork that sparks in me. So standing in front of the handrail, I got out my pencil and went to work. Using a long knot pattern times three seemed to do the trick creating a nice look for the knotwork handrail.

It turned out darker than the rest of the porch so I applied a coat of the stain on the top rail going around the porch. This gave the porch a nice two-tone effect. Several coats of teak oil all around and the top rail matched the new handrail. The teak oil should give the rest of the porch top rail a few more years of life and doesn't hurt to add UV protection. Where the knotwork handrail is positioned on the porch offers nice curb appeal.

UPDATE: After four years the handrail began to fade. I ended up touching up the handrail and this time adding several coats of urethane. I want to see how the two different coatings hold up.

not all art needs a wall   :)