Shady Lane- Solar LightPosts


Lighting up the yard.

Being on the edge of the city, my backyard gets dark. Preferring the softer lighting at night, especially near the pond,  I had already made several of these shorter posts out of a couple 2"x4"s and a crackle solar light.  My dog doesn't knock it over constantly and they withstand the snow during winter.  Ended up staining this (not shown) to match the scheme in the yard.  Win-win.

I was thinking of a light post similar to this design but much, much, bigger.   So I sketched a  very simple design.  Finding that top light was the main key.

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small light posts
light post

Solar lights up the way.

A trip to Costco was all it took.  I couldn't believe how lucky I got.  The size of the solar light was perfect for this project.

I went with a 4"x4"x8' for the post itself. I am sure a 6"x6" or even a couple of 2"x4"s could work as well depending on your preference.  The only downside I ran into was the post itself twisted slightly after I had it in the ground.  I honestly thought a 4"x4" would not warp so easily.

Going through the scrap pile I found some 1 inch thick boards that would work perfect.   I cut 2 pieces, one slightly larger, creating the cap appearance.   Using my drill press, I drill through both boards in the centre.  After a bit of sanding, the solar light end fit nice and tight, so I attached it to the top of the post


The light post still didn't have the look I was going for.  Too plain and open.   B o r i n g!

Grabbing two more pieces of 1 inch scrap, I drilled a hole slight off centre.  Using the kreg pocket, I attached the wood pieces and added the crackle light.

These lights are really cheap- in cost and quality.  They capture the sun easily and can handle a bit of shade.  At night the crackle pattern reflects against the wood-- added bonus!

You could also add hangers for your plants.  I was going for more soft light and this fit that bill.

After two years I am still staring at the post.  Thinking about adding some ivy design over the post.  But for now, the wood canvas will stay plain.

not all art needs a wall   :)