Shady Lane- Mailboxes



Wooden mailboxes are well designed boxes which can be used for many of outdoor storage.  It is a shame they are getting harder to find.  So perfect for so many items.  Take this top one.  I use it to hole my clothes pins.

This great find was at the used store and appeared brand new.  No stain or paint, it was ready for a new look.  What made this one unique was the replaceable front panel.  Whoever designed this one allowed for multiple looks, perhaps seasonal.  I figured it was a shop class project that no one wanted.

The owl design worked up quickly and accented the box.  Cost of box was only $5.  I doubt I could have found a clothespin bag for that price.

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Great for around the yard

I also have one dedicated to holding pickup bags for around the yard.  Due to the large lid that over extends the box, the bags stay dry while being conveniently located.  A few small tools for the pond are usually tucked away here too.  This one has been around for a while as you can see.

The best purpose I found for wood mailboxes is to collect the mail!  This one replaced the ugly dented metal one that came with the house.  You know the look, black rectangle with a lid you have to pry open each time.  That got replaced within days of moving here.

I guess we are lucky.  Currently we still have our mail delivered to the home.  Slowly that service is disappearing and I have no doubts that people will soon forget about mail delivery.  Everything comes to your email account these days... from flyers, bills to cards.  By the size of the junk mail my email account gets, I think I prefer the old fashioned delivered method. 

While growing up in Wisconsin, I still remember our milk being delivered in a silver box on the porch.  Milk with a creamy top that you had to stir before pouring along with bottles of juice.  We even had our eggs delivered by a little neighbour boy on his wagon.   Mail not only got delivered but picked up as well.   I know those memories are quaint but to be honest, we will never again know the quality of those days.  Not only did it provide service jobs, convenience to those who worked, but also a freshness that no store can offer.  And those metal milk boxes provided great seats on the porch!

Really showing my age now!

not all art needs a wall   :)