Shady Lane- Photo Shelf

photo shelf

Where do you hide your photos?

Bengal cats and photos do not always co-exist.  My Bengals believe anything in their way is fair game.  I have collected old family photos and enjoy viewing them but some of the frames are old and breakable.

Solution-  photo shelves place over my twin closet doors and hope no cat decides that they must investigate.

I had some cedar fence board left from a previous project  which was just the width I was looking for.  Using the circle saw on one of the long sides for a clean edge, I then added a piece of trim board around the cedar.   I bought a couple of brackets and put it all together.  I am still not overly fond of the brackets but that is for another day, another project. Thinking maybe french cleats hanger or floating shelf hanger.

photo shelf

Why not stain the bottom!!

Looking up at the shelf which is a good 7 feet high, a thought came to me.  Why not add a touch of art to the bottom of the shelf.  Keeping the designs simple would not take away from the photos and give the whole piece that finished look.

Using a nice deep stain gave the shelf a older, unique look which played well the the old frames and folders.  One photo shelf I used two lilies.  The other photo shelf I used a rose and a rose bud.

not all art needs a wall   :)