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celtic shelf

Celtic Sun Shelf

The Celtic Sun shelf idea started with an old beat-up entertainment cabinet.  Old, but still held memories. That cabinet made the long trip from Wisconsin to Canada and moved with me to four different houses.

Ok, to be honest- this cabinet was NOT anything great. It was just one of those assemble- yourself- fake pressed- wood cabinets with glass doors I bought at an outlet store. Through the years it had got banged up and dented, yet the memories still were there.   My son had come home, laughing at my attempt to assemble it.  I am one of those people who read instructions AFTER I have leftover parts.

I kept saying it just needed a little T L C. Well maybe a lot!!

tv cabinet


I mixed up some dark grey-black chalk paint and got to work.   I removed the center heavy shelf that had warped through time.  Built a two shelf stand for the components and painted that a deep, red.  By the time I was done, I had a whole new look.

Remaking the Pine Shelf

To make this darker look work, I need to change a few things. Starting with this simple pine shelf I have had for years. I am sure you have seen them-- small pine shelf kits with corbel hangers found in hardware stores and garage sales. I really never did anything unique with mine, just varnished and hung it up on the wall. With the cabinet makeover, this shelf stood out and looked too modern.

Down to the workshop it went and I started sanding. Leaving the dings and dents for natural aging, I opted for a sanding sponge for the edges.

By now it is obvious that I enjoy working with Celtic knot designs. You can go modern or you can age the design to fit the look you are working towards. For this project, something old and unique would fit the look in the family room. Drawing out one of my favourite Celtic shields which are really universal in design (the centre circle), I then got the idea of adding tribal rays and ended up creating a Celtic sun.

My first attempt at a Celtic sun and I am pretty happy with the results.

celtic sun

I roughed over the sun rays with a fine sanding sponge leaving a faded look on the edges. Using weathered grey stain, I  pulled the stain across the shelf leaving some of the natural wood to peek through. The weathered stain has a blueish cast which was unexpected but perfect with this piece.

Leftover black chalk paint from the entertainment cabinet worked for the edges and the corbels. The two pieces now match without overdoing the dark theme. Finished the project with a bit of finishing wax and there you have it.

Smaller shelves like this make re-designing easy and fun. 

Lets Talk.

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