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railing table


Tables for Railings

I got this idea from another blogger that does woodworking: The Handymans Daughter and it looked interesting.  She designed a table for patio railings. What caught my eye with this design is the portability.  When it is not needed, it easily slips off!

After the turtle design I had made earlier turned out, I decided to try using another turtle.  I really loved the face expression on this guy!!

I think I fell in love with this turtle a bit more than the first turtle design I did.  Picking a turtle whose head was facing towards the viewer gave the turtle character.

Turtles are really easy to do and I would suggest turtles to any new to staining.  The patterns are easy to sketch as most turtles have a standard look about them.  I find the sea turtle the easiest to begin with.  You will find many photo examples of turtles to work from. Once you have the outline, adding depth and character is really easy.  In no time you will build up your confidence.

Let's Talk.

Got questions on how to put together your own railing table?   Need help adding a design to your table?   If you see something you would like, contact me.   I might be able to create something similar.. 

turtle table
turtle table

Universal Design

The table was itself was simple enough in design and went together smoothly.  I did alter the measurements to fit my own requirements.  I can use this to hold my drink and even my laptop.  I left the outer edge off so I can set oversized items on it as well.

This table is not yet finished    I need to apply urethane for outdoor protection.   The top coating may darken it a touch but it will help protect from the sun and weather. The only issue I find is each table will need to be made to the exact measurements of the railing you plan to use.  Moving this from front to back did not work as well as I hoped as each railing is made slightly different.   I wish I could find some spring-loaded device I could add to make this adjustable.  I did find using some of the non-slip shelf liner did hold the table snug on the smaller railing.  For now, it will do!

In another post I mentioned railing plant table which is the same design as this, just the measurements are changed. This design is so simple and easy

not all art needs a wall   :)